The Life of Alexis Perkins

The Life of Alexis Perkins


March 3rd, 2015, 11:00 am

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EmilyAnnCoons, March 2nd, 2015, 11:30 pm

And that's the end of Chapter 1. Chapter 2 is coming, but it'll be a bit different. Renske needs to stop and do some designing for later outfits and characters in the comic, but we don't want to delay the beginning of Chapter 2. As such, we're going to be doing normal Tuesday updates, but Fridays will be concept art and things of that nature.

We're even considering opening up room for requests for things, but it depends on how it goes. One update a week means a slower comic, but it also means Renske doesn't have much chance to practice drawing beyond this comic. That's also part of why we're going to be doing this different set up for a month or so. After that, we'll see how it has gone and what you guys think and we'll see what we're going to do after that.

Also, for those familiar with The Changing Stone ( for those who aren't), you might recognize Ami there. That's Julie's sister. And so, the full cast of Changing Stone have now been mentioned or made an appearance in this comic. I'm sure that those who are familiar with Changing Stone aren't surprised, though, because this is all occurring in Antioch, the same place that Changing Stone occurred at.

On a side note, Changing Stone is currently seeking an artist, since Renske is busy drawing this comic now. So, if anyone wants to help with my other trans comic (though it's more an adventure comic with a side of trans then Life of Alexis is, since Alexis is slice-of-life with a trans person, while Changing Stone is an adventure that features a trans person), then let me know. I haven't worked much on the 5th chapter yet, but that's just because I've been busy with other comics and stuff.

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NegaNote, March 3rd, 2015, 11:25 am

Wow, Julie saw through her! Hope things will be ok between Alexis and Julie after this realization....


Aoi (Guest), February 13th, 2018, 11:47 am

They are speaking Japanese? I must point out that their surname, 'Wong', is Chinese. Please consider the insensitive implications of this, as Asian cultures are often treated as interchangeable in the West. Representation of Asian characters is often poor as a result.


EmilyAnnCoons, February 13th, 2018, 1:54 pm

@Aoi: Indeed, Wong is Chinese. Nyoko (Julie's mother) who is Japanese got married to a man sho was Chinese. As such, they have a Chinese last name. Don't worry, we put a lot of care into making sure we were trying to represent Asian society as best as an American and a European can.