The Life of Alexis Perkins

The Life of Alexis Perkins

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Welcome to The Life of Alexis Perkins

An LGBT comic about a girl named Alexis Perkins who is a young trans girl who also struggles with Asperger's Syndrome - a form of Autism. The story is about her senior year of high school and possibly beyond. The story tells her story through the eyes of her and her friends. It tells of the ups and downs of her life, including the prejudice she faces from those she should have been able to trust most to accept her. The story features the authoresses attempt to show a plethora of lesser known orientations (such as Quoiromantic/sexual, demiromantic/sexual, aromantic/sexual, etc.) and thus will feature a heavy amount of non-straight characters. It also features strong language, sexual themes, nudity, and possible triggering scenes. The comic also features both religious and anti-religious tones. The comic is rated PG-13 at the low end, but is likely higher, near a possible R rating due to some events that will be featured in the comic. Viewer discretion is advised. The authoresses of the comic do not take responsibility for someone being triggered, upset, or offended by the comic.

New Website!

As you can see, we now have a new website layout! Thanks goes out to the wonderful Pokemontrainergigi for designing it! She did a great job with it, and now our ads are fitting onto the page in a way that works well and looks good. I hope you all enjoy the new layout, and hopefully the fact that we're not using the same default layout design that Rain does will help curve away the "Rain clone" comments a bit more... Especially with the way the story is gonna progress now as well.

If the new side ad doesn't load right away (you get a thing saying "please consider disabling adblock", but you have adblock disabled) it hopefully will in a couple days. It always takes google about a day or two to get it active. So if you do have adblock disabled but still see that, don't worry, it just means that ad in particular hasn't been activated by google yet.

Alexis is now Premium!

Figured I'd let people know that this comic is now a Premium comic here on Smackjeeves =D Also, I'm working on setting up a domain for it, which I think should allow me to put google ads up on the site. Of course, if you don't want to see google ads on the site, you can donate to our Patreon:


So, it turns out I might actually have a very serious medical condition…

For the last month or so, I’ve been really unable to control my hormones. I’ve been getting super horny out of nowhere and for no reason at all. I find that sometimes I just have to start grinding it out wherever I’m at, which is really bad if I’m at work or someplace other then home (even at home, it’s not a welcome thing cause of my family).

I was starting to wonder why this was, so I decided to look online for help. Well, I heard of a thing called “Hypersexuality” years ago. I assumed it was just basically a high sex drive (which I definitely have) and that was about it, but looking into it further, it appears to actually be a rather severe chemical imbalance in your body that does more then just make you horny. It gives you strong anxieties, depression, and even increased stress. These are all things I’ve had as of late and I’ve been wondering why…

Of course, I’m no doctor, and I don’t want to self-diagnose… but it’s entirely possible this is a real thing that I have, and if so, it’s a very bad thing that I have and I need to get treated for it before it gets worse. The problem is, I have absolutely no funds. I’m currently $16,000 in debt to medical bills over 2 trips to the ER I had to make last year because of a bladder infection. I can’t afford to pay those, and I can’t go to see a doctor for anything until those are paid…

The problem is, if I don’t get treated for this (if it really is the problem), it may lead to even worse things, such as me becoming a rapist… I really don’t want that because I honestly think rapists should be taken out to the streets and shot for doing such a thing… However, if there’s a possibility that at least a minority of rapists suffer from Hypersexuality, then maybe some of them are doing it simply because they’ve lost control of themselves due to a sexual disorder… That is, of course, to say that not all of them do it for that reason, though.

Still, I’m extremely concerned and more then a little bit terrified that it might be true that I’m Hypersexual. If I am… I don’t know what I can do about fixing it unless I can get support from friends… Of course, nobody knows who I am, so I entirely expect this post to be completely ignored… Still, I thought I’d get this out there and hope that maybe, just maybe, someone who could help me would see this desperate cry for help…

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